About Jefferson Concrete Corp.

Jefferson Concrete Corp. was established in 1967 on Cook Road in the Town of Watertown. At that time, the principal product lines were burial vaults and residential septic tanks. After a devastating fire in November of 1987, the company relocated to a newly built facility adjacent to Interstate Route 81 the following June.

With a vision for growth and development, our founder and longtime President, Richard F. Schwerzmann, provided the guidance and leadership in making this company what it is today. Being committed to product quality and the best customer service, Jefferson Concrete is a National Precast Concrete Association Certified Plant and a producer for the NYS DOT under their QA/QC program. Serving a customer base throughout New York State, we provide a diverse line of products and services to the funeral, residential, municipal, commercial, industrial, agricultural, and military markets.

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Proud Members of the NPCA

Jefferson Concrete Corp. is a proud member NPCA (National Precast Concrete Association). The NPCA was created as a representative of precast concrete companies from all over the world.

Our Master Precaster Team

The NPCA has created a program which gives employees the opportunity to further their knowledge and career in the precast concrete business. The courses contain valuable information in areas of precast concrete such as: production, safety, technical, quality control, as well as leadership. Once each course has been completed and the person has passed the tests given, they will then become a certified Master Precaster. The person is then awarded a certificate of completion as well as a golden hard hat. Jefferson Concrete Corp. is proud to say we currently have 9 certified Master Precasters on staff and 1 more working on earning their certification

Top: Adam Losee. Left: Julio Garcia, William Baker, Shaji Culbertson, Ricky Durdon, James Motes, Tim Campbell. Right: Donna Bourquin, Andrew Kerr.

Master Precasters in Training

Donald Eacho Jr.

Our Professional Affiliations