Redi Rock

Jefferson Concrete Corp. produces retaining wall products and a free-standing wall system together with caps and matching steps. Jefferson Concrete Corp. does not offer pigments and we are limited to a cobblestone and limestone finish.

Note: Most waterfront installations we see are on a poured footer


  • 28” Retaining Wall-Full Block
  • 28” Retaining Wall-Half Block
  • 41” Retaining Wall-Full Block
  • 41” Retaining Wall-Half Block
  • 60” Retaining Wall-Full Block
  • 60” Retaining Wall-Half Block


Additional Options

  • Free-Standing-Full Block
  • Free-Standing-Half Block
  • Retaining Wall- Full Cap Block
  • Retaining Wall-Half Cap Block
  • Retaining Wall-7” Step Block 
  • Column Block
  • Column Cap 

Redi Rock

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