Leach Field Supplies

Jefferson Concrete Corp. provides a variety of pipes for and fittings for your septic system needs. If conventional pipe and stone leach field is not contemplated, we offer Infiltrator Chambers and Eljen Bio-Mats as alternatives. If there are any questions about fittings we have in stock please call Jefferson Concrete Corp.

Plastic Pipes & Products:

  • Sewer & Drain Pipe: We carry 4” Solid or Perforated Pipe and we have 4” or 6” fittings associated with sewer and drain.
  • Schedule 40 Pipe: We carry 4” schedule 40 pipe and we have 3” or 4” fittings associated with the schedule 40.
  • SDR 35 Pipe: We carry 4” or 6” solid SDR 35 pipe and we have fittings associated with the SDR 35 pipe. (Sewer & Drain Fittings will also fit SDR 35 Pipe).
  • ADS-12 Pipe (Dual Wall): We carry a variety of sizes in this type of pipe along with fittings that are associated with the NDS-12 Pipe. This pipe is offered in 4” to 36” diameter. For larger diameter pipes, please call to check inventory and availability.
  • Corrugated Pipe: We carry 4” to 15” diameter corrugated pipe in either solid or perforated. For fine soil conditions, we carry 4” & 6” perforated coils with an ADS sock. We carry fittings associated with the corrugated pipe. Please call if you have any questions regarding fittings that we carry.
    *Please call if you have any questions regarding the availability of pipes and fittings.
  • Infiltrator: Jefferson Concrete Corp. carries:
    • Quick4 Equalizer 24 – 4’ chambers and End Cap
    • Quick4 Equalizer 36 – 4’ chambers and End Cap.
  • Eljen Bio Mat: Jefferson Concrete Corp. carries the “Type B” bio-mat with dimensions of 36” x 48” x 7”. Purchase of the Eljen system includes the bio mats, fabric, and one hoop.

You can receive instructional material for installation at the time of purchase.


Leach Field Supplies

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