Catch Basins

Jefferson Concrete Corp. produces a variety of catch basins and drop inlets to accommodate your storm drainage needs.

*Generally, 24”x 24” ID and 30”x 30” ID structures are available in inventory. 3’ x 3’ ID and 4’ x 4’ ID structures are generally manufactured to order as well as all the rectangular structures from New York State Department of Transportation standard sheets. 

Sizes (With Solid Walls)

  • 24”x24” ID
  • 30”x30” ID
  • 36”x36” ID
  • 48”x48” ID

Sizes (With Knockouts)

  • 24”x24”x24” ID
  • 24”x24”x36” ID
  • 24”x24”x48” ID



Stock Castings

Stock Castings

Frames to Fit 24” Grate & Cover

Frames to Fit 25 ¾” Grate & Cover

Frames to Fit 32” Grate & Cover

Square Frames

Catch Basins

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