Heavy Duty Septic Tanks

Jefferson Concrete Corp. produces a complete line of HS-20 tanks to satisfy a variety of needs.

In most cases, an on-site crane will be required to set these structures. In addition, we have considerable experience in manufacturing tanks up to 10,000 gallons and encourage you to contact us for your specific needs. 


  • 1000 gallon
  • 1250 gallon
  • 1500 gallon
  • 2000 gallon
  • 2500 gallon
  • 3000 gallon
  • 3500 gallon
  • 4000 gallon
  • 4500 gallon
  • 5000 gallon

*Jefferson Concrete Corp. will set a 1000-gallon tank if the provisions are made for it and the site is accessible.



Stock Castings

Stock Castings

Frames to FIt 24" Grate & Cover

Frames to FIt 25 ¾" Grate & Cover

Frames to FIt 32" Grate & Cover

Square Frames

Heavy Duty Septic Tanks

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