Jefferson Concrete Corp. produces manholes with 48”, 60”, 72”, and 96” inside diameter, which conform to ASTM C478 to meet your storm and sanitary needs.

*Our manholes can be manufactured to include custom openings or flexible pipe-to-pipe manhole connectors and can be used for pump stations, wet wells, grit chambers, oil/water separators, and storm water management structures. Various openings are available in the top slabs to accommodate castings or access hatches.


  • 48” Diameter
  • 48” Diameter Benched Manhole Base
  • 60” Diameter
  • 72” Diameter
  • 96” Diameter



Stock Castings

Stock Castings

Frames to Fit 24” Grate & Cover

Frames to Fit 25 ¾” Grate & Cover

Frames to Fit 32” Grate & Cover

Square Frames


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